Publix policy on dating coworkers

Many of the managers do not even fully understand the job positions they are supposed to be managing and what is all involved in each of those positions.It's sad when an hourly employee has to "train or teach" a manager that is making well over a 6 figure salary a year about the very job they are supposed to be managing over.It really all came to a head when we had a remodel and I was basically spending many hours of work time tending to remodel issues instead of being focused on my job.I will take responsibility for that, but I learned my lesson. They preach about the "Publix Culture, doing the right thing, and being a team" but they don't practice it or lead by example.The managment will use you to help them advance their career or throw you under the bus to save their career.

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Because of the poor management, it causes stress levels to go up among the associates, which then can cause an unpleasant and hostile work environment.I was ultimately fired for apparently having more than 9 errors in a 12 month window, however wasn't provided documentation and still feel I was improperly discharged.It is worth noting that I reported any error that occurred in the interest of patient safety.They have become a despicable company to work for.12 hour shifts, no lunch, no breaks, no flexibility, unwilling to accommodate you in finding a location close to home, no regard for giving you the tools you need to do your job effectively and without distraction. If you ware a person with children to support and that is your only plan then this is the job for you.On the other hand if you are a person who values your time then this is not the place.The corporate people in this area are absolutely horrible. Working for Publix is definitely NOT a pleasure in the least. This job was not worth all of the work, time, and effort that I had to put in for what ended up being nothing. Here's my honest opinion on working for Publix..was a good place to work upper management was great and my coworkers were all great people supervisors were terrible on the other hand the warehouse was like high school a lot of fights and confrontations at least 2 people will be fired a week so everyone was afraid of losing there jobs start time was based on what department you work frozen food was 5am or 6am until all orders were finish which was around pm the latest was pm box meat dairy started at 5am and produce start 5am but you can't get overtime unless it was peek season or they would tell you to go home the starting pay was 11.25 for warehouse workers and 13-25$ For selectors based on performance it was a tough job with a lot of stress but I did not mind the only reason why I hated it was because the supervision team sucked and was not fair I saw a lot people lose there jobs overall a ok place but not along career so glad I moved on Publix was a great place to work with great co workers.I got a couple of them in trouble and they retaliated against me and ended up finding the tiniest reason to fire me. I am fighting it and will get a lawyer, if it comes to that. a typical work day included selecting orders in a safe manner and moving the order to the shipping dock to be loaded onto trucks.But now, with new management, I dread going to work every day.I do only work weekends now, simply because two days out of the week having to pretend that I don't dislike everyone there is exhausting.No one there cares about each other, minus the few close friends I've made. 11 to 9 one day and then they expect you to open the next day. This whole company is ridiculous and I would never, ever suggest that anyone work here.The only thing anyone is worried about is kissing butt and moving up the ranks. I worked myself to death for this company for 2 years, but none of it matters unless you are willing to let them treat you however they want. They actually treated me with decency and respect and didn't make me feel bullied. If you stand up for yourself, a target is put on your back.

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