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So we've tried to think thoroughly through this as we can.We have interviewed, literally, individuals from around the world.So we're here to update you and the American people about the investigation into Russia's meddling in the 2016 election.When we started this investigation on 23 January of this year, we had a very clear focus.Initial interviews and document review generated hundreds of additional requests on our part for information. Given that we have interviewed everybody who had a hand in the ICA I think there is general consensus among members and staff that we trust the conclusions of the ICA. We have interviewed seven individuals that attended the Mayflower event.It identified many leads that expanded our initial inquiry the volume of work done by the staff has prepared the committee. But we don't close our consideration of it in the unlikelihood that we find additional information through the completion of our investigation. The testimony from all seven were consistent with each other.And as we move into preparation for the 2018 election I will ask Vice-Chairman to cover the other areas that were in the process of pursuing. I'm proud of our staff and the enormous amount of work they've done.

And part of that hopefully will be recommendations with the changes we need to make.Mark and I recognize the tragedy of Nevada this week, and at this point I'm glad to say that it doesn't seem to have a terrorism nexus.That's not always the outcome, but our hearts and our prayers go out to all the individuals who were affected both directly and indirectly, and I can assure you that from an intelligence committee standpoint and in the agencies they are providing this many assets to local law enforcement and to those people that are tasked with investigation of this unbelievable act.I'm giving you the feedback we got from the individuals who were in the room making the decision. Now again this is not something that we've closed but we have exhausted every person that we can talk to get information that's pertinent to us relative to the Russia investigation.Questions that you might have surrounding Comey’s firing are better answered by the general counsel or by the Justice Department, not the Select Committee of Intelligence in the United States Senate.So for those of you that choose to stake out when the next witnesses come in there are some that have snuck through because you don't know who they are.Now it's safe to say that the inquiry has expanded slightly.To look at some areas of our investigation that we hope will very soon reach some definite conclusion. The Obama administration's response to Russian interference – as I said we have interviewed every person within the administration, they have volunteered and they have been unbelievably cooperative to come in and share everything they knew and in most cases were interviewed for over two hours. But we understand that with the current investigation open there may be additional information we find that pulling that thread may give us some additional insight that we don't see today.Changes to the platform committee: And again I'm addressing some things that have been written by you in this room and they may not have been on our chart but we felt that we had to dig deeply into them.Senate Select Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr (R-NC) and Vice Chairman Mark Warner (D-VA) held a press conference this afternoon providing an update on the Senate probe into Russia's meddling in the 2016 election.You can watch the press conference here or below: The full transcript of the press conference is below: Senate Intelligence Committee Russia Probe Press Conference October 4, 2017 SENATOR RICHARD BURR: Busy day around the country.

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