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At the end of the day, it all depends on the type of service you're looking for.

Those of us with the money to spend and their sites set on finding Russian love as soon as possible may well consider it worth their while to pay for the full mail order bride experience.

Most companies that are in the business of introducing men to foreign women for the purpose of marriage are required to follow the steps outlined in this law. Only American-based companies are required to comply with this law, and most of the sites listed here do.

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Rather, it more closely represents a traditional dating site, offering features such as chat rooms, instant messaging and profile creation.While most of the girls are honest, there are scammers out there, and the fact is that a true Eastern European lady would NEVER ask someone she has not met to send her money.If a Russian woman is serious about meeting a future husband through one of these agencies she will not ask you to send money, she will ask you to come visit her hometown!The key difference is that at Russian the design is different and matching services will target your search towards Russian women.However, if a Russian woman is just one potential option for you in your love search, you may want to check out International where searching the entire Cupid Media database is far easier.The hesitant reader, however, may find exactly what they are looking for at Russian; the opportunity to chat with charming Russian woman all looking for love but with no more commitment than your monthly payments.Furthermore, the free membership is a great way to "test the waters" and check out for yourself the site, its features, and most importantly of all, the girls!Which are honest foreign dating sites, and which are scams? On this page you will find honest reviews of foreign introduction agencies (sometimes called mail-order bride sites) that specialize in introducing you to beautiful women who are interested in marriage to westerners.The process of finding an Eastern European lady to date is much easier than you think.When you decided to correspond with a lady on a Russian or Ukrainian dating site, stick to some common sense rules.Never send money to a woman you have not met in person.

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