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I think it’s great, but I was offended by that.” I said, “Really? What you do is you say, “If you save the world, I’ll give you more than a kiss.” That’s it. Those 20 percent of people just need to lighten up a little bit.That’s more offensive than exploding heads, massacres in church, swearing, people being cut in half? It’s about pushing boundaries and having a bit of fun.What made me laugh is that also this movie is a very good example of a thing called free speech and expression. We’re all having a tough time in the world right now, and it’s meant to be two hours of letting you forget about everything.Something tells me that if Obama does watch the movie, it will make him laugh. Turning to one of your other water-cooler moments, with the church fight, how did you nail down the technical aspects of pulling off the scene? I have a brilliant second unit director/fight choreographer, Brad Allan, and we just sat down.With the heads exploding, I wrote the line saying something like, “And then all of the bad guys’ heads start to explode in a Busby Berkeley firework display.” So I always imagined it to be beautiful and brief. I keep saying I want surreal and beautiful, like the nicest fireworks.” I wanted people to forget what they’re looking at and enjoy it.I went to three effects houses because the first two kept going what I call “Cronenberg- style,” sort of messy with brains. Three effects houses later, it was the first thing I previz-ed and the last thing we got ready before delivery.I literally went online and search “great long American guitar solos.” “Free Bird” came up, and I whacked it on.It looked like we shot the whole thing using that track.

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Was the visual always going to be the colored smoke we see?

Then we did a really great remix of it, where we got all of The Stems.

A friend of mine, Charles Martin, who is George Martin’s son, remixed the whole thing for me.

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Symptoms of celiac disease can range from the classic features, such as diarrhea, weight loss, and malnutrition, to latent symptoms such as isolated nutrient deficiencies but no gastrointestinal symptoms.

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