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He more or less became Something Awful's Chris-Chan, what with being an aspie dollfucker and writer of horrible songs and fiction.

Kevin, upon finding out that the Goons were having much lulz at his expense, went "BAWWWWW" like a crybaby and tried to DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING, but he wasn't as 1337 a h4X0r as he claimed to be and his efforts proved fail.

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His heroes include Davecat and Gordon Griggs, celebrity dollfuckers since they appeared in a BBC documentary about dollfucking and some others. It inspired an Awful Audiobook and spurred the posting of the third thread, The Journey To Love: A Dollfucker's Fictionalities.

Kevin was discovered by a friend of SA Forum Goon Kaptain K who was doing research on sex dolls and stumbled onto Kevin's blogs.

He would forward the links to Kaptain K, who immediately saw the comic potential of it and started a thread on SA that would quickly become epic and spawn additional threads for the next several years.

Kevin Havens (alias casperghostboy, casperg1977, Beetface) is a sick fuck who became the subject of multiple threads on Something Awful that have been archived into the Comedy Goldmine.

The original thread can be viewed here, and the recently-created fourth thread is here.

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