High heel dating

Via DHL( ) ,it would take 2-5 days to deliver in general. Via Free-shipping ,it would take within 10 days to deliver in general. Most of shoes on FSJ are made by PU leather in order to control and shape it and better performance in presenting the color.

Funny She Jill is a shoes brand,synchronized with the international fashion, taking super fashion design as well as an attractive price.

Depictions of high heels date back to Ancient Egypt.

They're fascinating historical symbols of power and wealth—and one thing that I don't think of them as being is particularly feminine. Or, at least, they certainly weren't intended to be.

Since courtesans were supposed to please men, and pretty much interacted almost exclusively with them, they were often also supposed to like male things.

I guess that goes along with the whole, "Oh, high heels are so hard to walk in" argument, but it sounds awesome.

I would definitely like to call up, say, four senators and tell them that today their job was to be my animate canes.

Certain people during the 17th century had an erotic fascination with women wearing trousers, as actresses might if they were performing one of Shakespeare's dual gender roles.

More commonly, women began adding traditionally masculine elements like tricorne hats, epaulettes, military-style gold braid, and, yes, high heels to their outfits.

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