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However, I really knew I’d flopped when the room went from being lovingly mocking to gently polite.“I’m very impressed! “Especially when you consider what Suzannebot could do last week! She’s handy if you forget something, like the common tags we use in our articles, which she’ll list if you ask her.

Developing the project taught me something important: The most useful features I could add to Suzannebot weren’t functional, but informational.

In a week, I couldn’t manage to make Suzannebot good for much more than a punchline.

But Apple’s had seven years to do more with Siri, and we’re all still waiting.

Yet my coworkers, and the public in general, expect bots to do these seemingly impossible things–things no piece of software has accomplished to date–simply because bots communicate with conversation. I explained the importance of public feedback to iterating in design.

Humans disproportionately equate language with intelligence, even if that language is just a few automatic responses, typed out over a lunch break. And, of course, I made it clear that it took The core problem I had trained Suzannebot 2.0 to solve was simple: Real-life Suzanne can’t always respond to pitches.

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While the Dexter team shared all sorts of plans for more plug-in-style modules, the platform is still young and in beta, and I found myself pasting in Javascript with a prayer, failing, and then making nearly abusive use of Dexter’s friendly help line, which is operated by its seven-person team. It would go something like this: Me: pitch [that’s the only word I had to say] @suzannabot: What is your name? Anyone awaiting a response could ping Suzannebot with the phrase “pitches” to get an update.

I’m joking, and yet, two months ago, I caught the bug. I carved out time over a few evenings, and read through tutorials with the zealous fervor a modern-day Frankenstein. For instance, to write a question your user might ask the bot?

Yet I was thwarted on step one–which I believe involved setting up some sort of virtual server on my computer. “The Rive Script language was kept dead simple like this for the sake of being easy to parse it,” says its creator, Noah Petherbridge.

I built in RSS feeds that you could summon with a command: “@Suzannebot, what’s on ? I scrubbed through JSON databases–I get norm-folk shivers just typing the word–for publicly available data that Suzannebot might be able to pull for us. The feature had seemed ingenious the first time I got it working in the Dexter simulator.

But I knew the reaction was going to be bad in the middle of my big presentation to the staff.

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