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Discussions had been under way with their lawyers and there were certain "veiled threats about their not showing up," Moonves said.A call seeking comment from the actors was not immediately returned Sunday by their publicist.“She’s got this Lauren Bacall thing going on,” says costar Gary Dourdan, “with that raspy voice.” That comment would have made her blush as a tomboy growing up in Melbourne, Fla., with her dad, Mark, 79, a now-retired salesman, mom Marilyn, who died in ’96, and older brother Jeff, 46, now a financial sales manager in Atlanta.Living by the beach, “I wore flip-flops to school until I was 13,” says Jorja (pronounced Georgia—her mother liked the unusual spelling)."There comes a point where we feel a contract is a contract. We all have to look out for the future of the network television business," said Moonves, co-president and co-chief operating officer of CBS parent company Viacom.Among the major broadcast networks only CBS and NBC avoided losses last year, he told the Television Critics Association.The two helped to host a benefit to raise money for the charity that aims to help and save animals all over the world from circuses and from other forms of animal cruelty.He and Fox attended Washington’s White House to help put forward a bill to stop circuses from using animals and protect them.

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His great-uncle Ray Szmanda is the "Menard's Guy," a local celebrity in the Midwest famous for his enthusiastic ads for Menard's hardware stores.Production will be halted this week while script revisions are made, Moonves said.The roles played by Fox and Eads have not been recast but the network is "looking at certain people," Moonves added.; born July 24, 1975) is an American actor of Polish, German and English descent.He is most famous for having played Greg Sanders in the CBS police drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, a role he held from the show's beginning in 2000 until it ended in 2015. They moved to Mukwonago when Eric was very young and that’s where he was raised.She started acting in local theater at 5, then lucked into a modeling career at 15 when she won a contest at a mall while dressed in shorts and a T-shirt.“I was a terrible model, awkward and gawky,” she says.The firing of two "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" (search) stars in a salary dispute was fair and intended to help the TV industry draw the fiscal line, CBS chief Leslie Moonves said Sunday.Actors Jorja Fox (search) and George Eads (search), who play investigators Sara Sidle and Nick Stokes on the hit CBS crime drama, were dumped last week when they failed to report for work on the upcoming season, he said.“I prefer to stay on the lighter side of things,” Fox, 34, says. The vegetarian pleaded for a fake prop—”which they probably would have done anyway,” she admits—when a surprised her.“I didn’t think a show about death would do well.” Of course, some viewers may tune in for her unfussed, husky sexiness.

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