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Spending time on foreplay and not feeling that you have to proceed to penetrative sex may also help. While you’re breastfeeding, levels of oestrogen stay low to prevent you ovulating and falling pregnant (your body's way of preventing another pregnancy too soon after birth). If this is the case, you may want to use some lubrication and take it slowly.

Low oestrogen levels may also reduce desire for some women and they may find that they have a less sensitive clitoris too.

Tiredness, fear of pain, or other fears generally, such as any vaginal or scar tissue reopening, may all play a part in your readiness to resume sex.

Talking to your partner may help, as worries around sex can delay arousal or sexual feelings.

There's the excellent scene where Dana crankily negotiates her phone messages from an old-school phone booth; then there's the part where she cries on the phone to her confused boyfriend, and—OK, let's not spoil it all.

Jenny Slate, the talented star of Robespierre's last film, , plays Dana Jacobs, a sharp-witted twenty-something woman who is a handful of years out of college and, in her own words, "flailing." Dana, clad in faded jeans and brown corduroy jackets, does layouts for some unspecified magazine that barely knows she exists.

(Ali stumbles upon the awful erotic poetry he writes to his mysterious mistress; the sisters pore over it in some of , where Turturro played an actual playwright), while Edie Falco spends much of the film frowning as the sisters' mom, though her character gets added depth during the final 20 minutes.

(The only character left a bit underdeveloped is Ben, the scorned boyfriend.) Keep up with this story and more 's screenplay is fast, honest and unrelentingly funny.

Meanwhile, Dana's 17-year-old sister, Ali, experiments with hard drugs and feuds with her parents by sneaking out to have awkward sex with her sort-of-boyfriend.

(Abby Quinn, a young actress not yet born in 1995, plays Ali with the right mix of angst and curiosity, stewing in a bedroom outfitted with Winona Ryder glamor shots and Sonic Youth posters.) The family monogamy crisis grows a generation wider when Ali and Dana discover that their father, a frustrated copywriter who wants to be a playwright, is having an affair.

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