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"It depends on how long you two have been together, how close of friends they are with the other person involved, and what kind of relationship you guys have," says Kristy La Rocca, a psychotherapist in NYC."If you and your partner aren't in too deep, it might be easier to make the switch." It makes sense — if two people haven't been dating all that long, and intense feelings haven't developed, the person being "dumped" might be totally okay with their former partner dating their friend, and minimal drama and awkwardness will ensue.The fallout might also be minimized depending on how you and your ex approach dating in general.

But assuming it's possible, I'd like to suggest that as long as you don't lead with your attraction, you really don't have anything to worry about until/if he asks you out on a date.

That said, simply being attracted to him is not reason to date him, either.

What if that first possibility is true and they acted married during that long relationship?

That should come as good news to her, even though it may remind her of her own disappointment that she's still waiting for a similarly good match.

(That's another area for prayer and patience, and the ability to trust in God's sovereign plan.) It's no reason to begrudge him, though.

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