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She died in Naples, Fla., a fact with which nobody would ever dare to argue.Elizabeth Post did not descend in direct lineage from Emily Post, that magisterial, well-born, self-invented, self-appointed source of all things proper, decorous, and acceptable. (A tough spot to be caught in, if you’re part of an etiquette dynasty.) The dicta of the initial Emily Post were almost invariably targeted at the dream world of the emerging bourgeoursie.Forthwith, Calvin takes a forkful of Blanche’s poached salmon and shifts the plate back toward her.

The cousins (let’s call them Calvin and Blanche, since, having actual names of their own, they truly do exist) have been married forever — at least 40 years.(Not necessarily, since, in many instances, the dictum is “your presence is your present.” A fruitless and ineffectual dictum, if there ever was one. — John April 11, 2010 in bryan curtis, etiquette, gentlemanners, john bridges, manners, relationships, Uncategorized | Tags: elin woods, elizabeth edwards, grace kelly, illicit sex, jamie jungers, jesse james, john edwards, loredana Jolie Ferriolo, love affairs, Michelle Braun, michelle mcgee, Mindy Lawton, princess grace, rielle hunter, sandra bullock, sandra bullock betrayal, tiger woods, tiger woods girlfriends, vanity fair | Leave a comment or what seems to be the virtually unavoidable substitute for news these days, is ( you guessed it) the unseemly saga of Tiger Woods.It’s useful, always, to stop by the wine store, or by a shop that hawks clever cocktail napkins.) What’s more, if you don’t take a present to the party, age-old propriety maintains that you don’t eat the cake. Not one but two cover blurbs, each playing off our blacklure to learn more about Tiger’s “kinks,” and promise us the spectacle of “Tiger’s Girlathon Gallery! Almost all the photos are shot in the restaurants, or in the bedrooms.Always evolving, because she had to, almost inevitably at the behest of her editors, she took up the letter knife bravely, ditching what seemed antiquated, upgrading what might be made even more elegant, making the world a trifle more understandable for brides-to-be who have been living with their fiances for the past five-and-a-half years.I doubt it is a task she cottoned to kindly, in every instance.Well-bred and well-heeled, she was an interloper, nonetheless, always faced with the challenge of living up to her grandmother-in-law’s grandeur.She was a Post, but only by marriage; her genes were not fossilized.” (At least comes through with a spread of full-page, professional-makeup-artist-styled portraits of at least a limited cross-section of Tiger’s girlfriends. or, even more egregiously, in the hallways leading to ill-specified hotel rooms.Meanwhile, I’m distinctlycertain whether”girlfriend” is the term I’m looking for in this instance, precisely.(Think of Susan Hayward in .) What’s more, “mistresses” know how to keep their mouths shut — maybe out of some misguided, self-flagellating sense of loyalty, or maybe as a means of just making sure their mortgage payments continue to get covered.But nobody these days, whether they’re part of the John-Rielle-Elizabeth triangle or a participant in the Sandra-Jesse-Michelle trifecta, seems to have any resistance to the temptation to talk, especially when a hot microphone is within shouting distance, when there’s a seat available on Oprah’s sofa, or when there might even possibly be a book deal in the offing.

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  1. I agree Kcee, I am in Calif and we have everyone (thank god). When I went to Missouri in the 90's I was told, oh they live over there and they live over there.