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- bromation - Nov-10-2009 This is by far the best fanfiction I have ever read for any fandom.) It is an amazing story to read and leaves you wanting more but more than satisfied with what you have.- Nyxmara - Dec-11-2010 This is one of the most original stories I have ever read in the fan fiction world.It IS only part one although it's a novel on it's own, so this is the start of a series.

- puzzlegrrl - Nov-01-2012 This is SO imaginative and SO detailed.I can't understand why it has not reached the top 25 again and again??Please continue...dying to know what Katiya has in store for those who are worthy of her new makeover!reminding me of Day, Night, Twilight Watchers trilogy.Thank you so much for the time and effort y'all have put into writing this piece.- mine2give2u - Jul-14-2010 I love this story, Great Job - sassy123 - Sep-22-2010 As many have stated before: This is one of the best Conqueror stories out there.I gave this a try because I loved the author's other works.Jesslyn (Jess) Drake is a warrior for that time - an agent who works for one of two 'sides' (think cold war) and is sent into conflict to steal scientific secrets or otherwise prevent that 'side' from making advances that would let them prosper.Dev is Biological Alternative, set 0202-164812, instance NM-Dev-1 is a type of human being developed on a space station in orbit who can accept direct brain programming to suit them for a specific job and is the first of her kind to be made into an agent to join this side.The movie is a bore while I couldn't stop reading this story, and it gets better every time I read it.- Rangeela - Feb-13-2008 Although a voracious reader of fanfic I am not fond of the conquoror genre.

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