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Dr Grossman, a television presenter with a top degree from Cambridge University, revealed her move at the British Science Festival in Brighton yesterday.She said: ‘I strongly believe that all women in their mid to late 30s should be made aware of the risks of waiting too long to try for a family ...Mr Clegg also attacked the House of Lords as something which ‘would be seen as a form of corruption’ in other countries, despite personally creating dozens of Lib Dem peers.Calling for a second referendum, Mr Clegg, who lost his Sheffield Hallam seat to Labour last month, said: ‘It’s only in a very weird world that June 23 (referendum day last year) is a year zero.‘This idea of a cornucopia where everyone from the US to Papua New Guinea will give us everything we want in terms of trade deals, the £350million a week for the NHS…This typically costs around £9,000-£12,000 depending on the clinic.Dr Grossman has partly paid for the cost of the procedure herself, and with the help of her father, who sees it as ‘investing in his grandchildren.’ Her mother has also contributed funds.

The website caters for all sexual orientations, religions, ethnicities, and more.and, more importantly, that there’s no shame in freezing your eggs.‘I think perhaps some women see egg freezing as admitting defeat – admitting that they haven’t managed to do it the natural way.‘Thanks to modern science we have the opportunity to take a look at our biological clocks and side-step them for long enough to give ourselves a chance of motherhood that otherwise might not have been possible.’Explaining the highly personal decision, she said: ‘There’s nothing to be ashamed of in freezing your eggs and admitting ...you have not had the opportunity to have a child and you want to do something about it.‘I want every woman in their mid to late 30s to know she has options.’Dr Grossman, a panellist on Sky1 science show Duck Quacks Don’t Echo, is freezing three cycles of eggs.Instead of the one egg released naturally every month, often as many as 15 are collected under sedation or anaesthetic.It can cost up to £400 a year to store the eggs, some of which will not survive when they are later thawed.Mr Clegg said: ‘In a mature democracy, if you have such a divided country, you can’t disenfranchise the losing side.You can’t say to 16.1 million people, “we don’t care what you think”.’Mr Clegg also admitted that some of his own family’s votes were hoovered up by Labour on June 8 – which he said was on the ‘false prospectus’ that Mr Corbyn favoured a ‘soft’ Brexit.So when I reached 38, I decided to freeze my eggs.’Egg freezing is becoming increasingly popular as more women choose to delay motherhood.Women are said to be receiving the procedure as a gift, aimed at preserving good-quality eggs at a younger age.we know these things are not true already.‘Surely the public are entitled to say we want to have another look at this.We should reclaim our right, we should take back control of our destiny, we should be free to say whether we think (the outcome) measures up to what was promised.’He added: ‘We should give every youngster under 30 a weighted vote of twice the value of everybody else, because it’s their future.

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