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Gornji Milanovac was a pioneer in the application of sorting waste, recycling and water purification in Serbia and previously in Yugoslavia.Also, Gornji Milanovac is a great antagonist of GM food why it has adopted declaration and municipality statute about prohibition of this type of food.Initially the settlement that was to become Gornji Milanovac (before 1853) was situated in the area of today's village Brusnica.There was some discussion about the suitability of the site for a settlement, the new municipality was to be called Despotovac after the river Despotovica which passes through this municipality (the river name originates from the Serbian despot, Đurađ Branković).There is great potential for further rural and spa (Svračkovci, Brdjani, Mlakovac and Savinac) tourism progress in future times.Today's Gornji Milanovac on its territory has the lot of small, categorized rural hotels, one hostel and motels.Museum of Rudnik and Takovo area is subsidiary of the culture center of Gornji Milanovac, it has established the Gallerie of Arts in 2008, and a modern gallery in the building of old district administration.In this municipality there are two folklore groups: "Tipoplastika"-Folklore ensemble and Culture-Arts Community "Šumadija".

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In village Takovo is the host of World Music Festival, every May, June or July.This town was significant during the First Serbian Uprising against Ottoman Empire rule, but more so during the Second Serbian Uprising; in Takovo has reached historical agreement about the Second Serbian Uprising.Known trip places are: Takovo, Grabovica (peak of Ždreban), Savinac and Rudnik, these places are popular during celebration of the May 1st or world known International Workers' Day as collegial picnic in union organization.Other significant cultural and tourism events on its territory are: World Testicle Cooking Championship, "Milanovac bowl tournament" (Fish soup cooking) and Goulash tournament ("Gulašijada"); in some settlements are held various art colonies.Close to Gornji Milanovac is spa and resort "Atomska banja" Donja Trepča.Major Hotels in this town are newly opened hotel "IG Hotel" (4 stars) and "MD Neda" (3 stars) in the settlement Rudnik; in the past there was one of the biggest hotels "Šumadija" (3 stars) bankrupted in 2004.) is a town and municipality located in the Moravica District of central Serbia.The population of the town is 24,216, while the population of the municipality is 44,406.Also in Gornji Milanovac are 3 fairs per year, on May 22, August 2 and October 15, after 70 years Gornji Milanovac as municipality celebrates its Patron day.It is Trinity, where on that day is being held pageant.

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