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If you are not running any JAVA applications, then you don't need JAVA on your machine.In the early days of JAVA, the installation of applications automatically installed JAVA at the correct version for the application.Java is a highly active platform and updates are available quite frequently.While this is a great thing, frequent updates may annoy users who are not into Java or do not want to have their platform up-to-date.EXE using the processor, that could be a sign you need JAVA.JAVASCRIPT is a scripting language based on JAVA that usually runs websites.The bottom line is that if you wanted to create an application that ran on "everything", it would have been a lot of work.

There are the newer Macs that run on Intel processors.

There is usually a warning if you try to install a newer version of JAVA on XP that this may or may not work too well (just so they warn you).

We had an application at work that was written a long time ago and they found it only ran on JAVA 1.6. So the programmer advised new users of the system that they had to uninstall the latest and go back to the older JAVA.

If you uninstalled JAVA, the application you downloaded or licensed would stop working.

Today, Oracle owns JAVA run-time so it is more of a separate upgrade rather than being controlled by the applications that you run and, yes, you could wind up with multiple versions of JAVA if you run some older software that require it. The only way to tell is to uninstall JAVA and see what happens.

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