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”(say this kiswahili)but decide to do it anyway….i had not seen his pic so I didn’t know what to look for…then this good looking stranger says hi and am like phew! Lol…whats are all these blind date stories i keep hearing from everybody?

.he opens his mouth and I take it says”you are way fatter than Imagined, I prefer my women smaller” my face falls but he doesn’t even notice, this dude has no tact at insists I pick a resturant , I mean if you were the one who asked me out the automatically it should be you to pick a restaurant and to pay for it but it didn’t work like this for paul…he had a converstion with himself and kept refering to women with deregatory remarks….while wolfing down the meal…I was having a soda and watching him like a the bill arrived he pretends not to notice it,then when I fish out my wallet he doesn’t even flinch and volunteer to cost share i pay for a meal which I didn’t even taste. First you never pick up a guy from a bus stop…secondly these guys seem desperate…how does i guy discuss Valentines on the first date…enjoy the singles scene when you still can…no more blind dates for you but really blind date and or hook ups from pals are really not the way to go.

I get to the said venue at around 6.02 (I always keep time)and seat down take my phone and go over the text he had described how he would look like …a quick survey around the room shows that he aint no where in the room I breath a sigh of relief now I cwould be able see him and scatter if I didn’t like what a saw. no Brian, 6.20 : Brian calls says he’s held up in a jam on Uhuru high way that I should please wait for him 6.40: …in the meantime I have picked a corner seat and cross my fingers that those not-so-nice-looking-men headed my direction isn’t Brian 6.50 am : I get a call and am busy talking when someone taps me on the shoulder and he is like “hi am Brian ,are you* insert two african names here*?

I nod my head and hung up just in time to be get a very bad hug from Mr man…he tosses me to the left,then to right and then plants a very wet kiss on my cheek …the expression on my face is like asi!

Cái này là chưa nói đến cái cảnh ôm eo nhau cho ấm ấm rồi môi anh môi em cắn nhau… It’s such a lovely space for singles and mingling, dating couples, newlyweds, family with kids, and almost everyone else.From there you can see San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the Marin County in the far distance.He asked for my description and I described me truthfully:short,plump(y),specs ,locks,really spaced teeth and light skinned ,loud laugh etc …We agreed to meet on a weekday for coffee at pasaras at 6 pm…I went as I was, no madoidos on my part kawaida jeans,locks tied back….He is a regular at my place and recently moved to the neighbourhood. My 2 cents is that I don’t think the odds of a miss on the cyber date are any higher than those of lets say meeting in a pub, rave, school or even church even there the proportion of losers is always higher than winners. Now to date no Five: This date I must say reallyleft me beliwered had been chatting with Alex on a strictly-friends-basis .was in costo and sounded really nice day he calls and says he is in Nairobi and if we could meet up.i say yes with no hesistation.i arrive on designated point of meet up and look for guy who fits his description and there is this one guy who matches just to be sure I call his cell and what does he do? At the open space and on the hill people were flying their kites up high against the blue sky…The view of sunset must be lovely here, as well as night time stroll looking at skylines on both side of the bay.If you are thinking of hooking with guys /chick from the net DON’T. These lying psychos make our politicians look like saints.Am not saying you cant find love on the net but c’mon let s face it if they are as perfect as they claim to be how come no one has grabbed them? : A friend forwarded one of those network-with-your-friends-all-over-the world-things and I filled my details of course using my real names, within an hour started getting invites who apparently were captivated by my name as it turns out very few Nai mamas use their African names they are into names like: Nicole, shawna, Latifah …that kind of thing.

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