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Released 25 years ago today, Singles captured a city and a group of artists on the brink of national stardom.

Yes, the characters were fictional – but the bands in the film are real, often playing live mini-concerts on set.

He was accepting Eddie [Vedder] into Seattle and he was helping me know what it was to live here, at this time and this place – that feeling of, this guy really matters to this city.

So we wanted him for [the Citizen Dick singer Cliff Poncier] part for a while, we wroekd with him and he's good!

Crowe, however, wanted his audience to grow up with him, so for his follow-up movie, he turned his attention to twentysomethings.

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Crowe spoke to Rolling Stone about the making of Singles on the movie's 25th anniversary, how he cast the actors and musicians and why his love letter to Seattle still holds a special place in his heart.

As soon as she came up to the city and you saw her walking the streets, trying on different clothes ... Similarly to Bridget, Chris Cornell was somebody who I just thought, "This guy belongs in the movie." I loved Soundgarden – they were the greatest live show I'd seen.

I had real strong feelings about Soundgarden and about Chris with this huge heart of his.

Doing an ensemble piece like that starts to feel a little more like how life can feel.

It kind of gives you the opportunity to dart off into different worlds and then when the pieces come together it's so satisfying.

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