Error updating locale

Using the included files as a guide, we need to edit the following lines: This value is the number to dial to access the voicemail system.

I can now choose Visual Voicemail and see the voicemail info, but when i choose to listen to the message, its not played.Just understand that you will probably experience quite a bit of frustration getting the 7975 to work properly, but with enough persistence it actually is possible.It’s a 9951, now that you say it only uses SIP, I could have spent a night of my life trying to fix something that is not a problem where all I need to do is get a good config on it.This is a funny illustration because folks on the forum seem to think that we have magic wands and know all the answers.On new stuff I have to just put my head down and work it out like anyone else would. Have had these suckers running well now for about a year, but the amount of time initially I spent trying to get them working in the first place was unreal.Typical ones to ignore are the following: Those are actually “normal”, what you do not want to see is “Unable to Parse file”, that will tell you that it did not like something in your config file.This can be something like using a host name when it wants an IP address.So extends the presence functionality quite nicely beyond just the extensions programmed against the speed dial buttons.The script was originally written by a Alberto Montilla, a Cisco employee as part of their open source initiative, Cisco SPA XML Services for Asterisk environments.Apparently visual voicemail is hot for this with the patent (ambulance chasing) lawyers.Anyway I can PM you my edited copy of the script, should you wish.

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