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The Breguet Company and Duflon & Constantinovich Company 1892 - 1918.

Jan Paszkowski [1742-ca 1800] moved home to Ukraine [ca 1776 ? in 1788 - owner of landestate close to Sampolno, [compare MADALINSKI, UMINSKI, Bajkowska-Kiedrzynska] in Skotniki.Mielzynski since 1616 has received in the pledge; in 1789 - Aleksander Modlinski. Henryk Rudolf Bischofswerder; the village is situated 11 km west of BADKOWO. On September 23, 1831 he was the commander-in-chief. In Plock he had a controversy with General Maciej Rybinski. in 1739 or POROWO - maybe named above Borowa Wola, south to Nowe Miasto by the Pilica River. Antoni Jozef Madalinski was a participant in the Bar Confederation fighting initially from 1768 in the branch of Jzef Bierzynski.Maria Szymanowska born Marianna Agata Wolowska in Warsaw, born 1789, died in 1831, St. He was in 1778 - 1788 under protection of the Sulkowskis; was living in Baszkow - 6 km to the Silesien and then Prussian border - south-west of Krotoszyn the city, close to Zduny - north-west of Ostrzeszow. In 1770 he fought in Mazovia in the branches of Jzef Sawa-Calinski, however, in December 1770 he was wounded near Wysokie and he was taken prisoner by Ksawery Branicki.Encyklopedia Internetowa Polski Niepodleglej - Konstantynowicz Bogdan: Kiedrzynski, Walewski, Psarski, Kreski, Madalinski, Arcichowski, Bleszynski, Sulimierski, Radolinski, Fiszer, Bninski, Hutten Czapski, Mielzynski, Oginski, Kalinowski.Globalization and globalism - Donald Trump, John F. All on the life of the noble Konstantinovich family in tsarist Russia 1772 to 1918.1st to Piotr Skarbek; 2nd she married to Kasper Slawinski - official in KONIN in 1782. Mary's Church in Brzesc KUJAWSKI, built new in the cathedral in Gniezno. 2nd to a granddaughter of Jakub Kiedrzynski - the great-granddaughter of Andrzej Kiedrzynski of WILCZKOW, b. Brief explanation - Michal Bajkowski the owner of Czepy, official in Kalisz, married in 1785, to Franciszka Kiedrzynska, daughter of Jakub Kiedrzynski official in Kalisz, and Brygida Bardzki, with the daughter Jzefa Bajkowska b. The recruits came from the Brzeziny, Gostyn, Leczyca, and Lowicz. We again confirm that Laurenty (Wawrzyniec) Uminski, born ca 1700, the landowner of Ruszki, Krotoszyn, Pocierzyn, Wysocie / WYSOCIN, also Antoni UMINSKI Teresa Rogalinski, and Andrzej Apolinara Niemojewski, maybe were a brothers. ca 1730-1792), the son of mentioned above Antoni Uminski b. ROZALIA Teresa Marianna Katarzyna Uminska (before 1729-d. Jadwiga studied at home, later in Paris at the Sorbonne, then was in the country in 1905-1906. after 1784, with children: Marianna, Rza, Maksymilian, Jan, Teresa, Katarzyna]; [ROZALIA Teresa Marianna Katarzyna Uminska (1729-after 1784), the daughter of Andrzej Uminski and Apolinara Niemojewski; she was widowed in 1784; b. In Laszczyn, 5 km north to RAWICZ, south-west to ROSZKOWO, in 1709, Tomasz Borucki m.Mentioned here Jzef Madalinski, official in Inowroclaw in 1770, and in Kowal in 1770; died in 1775; his aunt Skarbkowa / Skarbek, had a court case about Borzymowice and Laki Markowe in 1775 with the Parliament envoy; they took Swietoslawice in 1778. The bishop Bonawentura Madalinski [see below on his genealogy], the founder of the new instrument, was commissioned the organmaster of Torun, Mateusz Brandtner - it was completed at the end of 1691. before 1730, the founder of a chapel in Ruszki; he bought in 1746 named Wysocin Wiekszy and Wysocinek; the border bailiff in BRZESC KUJAWSKI, married to Teresa Besiekierski; d. Stanislaw Uminski 1760 - 1811, served at the Royal Court m. ca 1700, and Teresa Rogalinski; the owner of Czeluscin in the GOSTYN county, in 1778; married in 1767 in Biechowo, to Franciszka Ryszewska (b. after 1784), the daughter of Andrzej Uminski and Apolinara Niemojewski, of Bydgoszcz; Rozalia was the widow in 1784; Rozalia was born in Pieranie; m. In 1916-1919 studied at the School of Fine Arts in Warsaw. ca 1700, and Teresa Rogalinski, the owner of Czeluscin near Gostyn, in 1778, m. in Pieranie and married in 1743 to Michal Slubicki (ca 1710-before 1784), the Bydgoszcz official, with children: Apolinara Justyna Slubicka (b. Petronella Lubiatowska; witnesses: Wladyslaw Glinicki; Antoni Waliknowski / above WALKNOWSKI; Urszula Walknowska / Walikowska; Marjanna Slinicka [see Kiedrzynski]., by way of trade or otherwise, be lent, re-sold, any public performances, hired out, or otherwise circulated without the publisher's prior consent in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is published and without a similar condition including this condition being imposed on the subsequent purchaser.hereon may be reproduced in any form or by any means - graphic, electronic, or mechanical - including photocopying, recording, downloading, uploading, taping, or storage in an information retrieval system, without the prior written permission of the copyright owner - on the genealogy and history of the noble Konstantynowicz family in Russia 1772 - 1918, Poland 1918 - 1939 and next at a Polish territory 1939 - 2012.[RADZIEJOW - Maciej Mielzynski was the district administrator of Radziejw in 1762; he was living 1733-1793; the son of Franciszek Walenty Mielzynski b.1682 and Krystyna Skalawska; the father of Prokop Mielzynski]; [ROZALIA Teresa Marianna Katarzyna Uminska (1729-after 1784), the daughter of Andrzej Uminski and Apolinara Niemojewski; she was widowed in 1784; b.

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