Scorpio rising first decanate dating type

First, the Leo risingindividual has to impose his desire for self-projection upon whatever materials arenecessary; he has to see that they are available and responsive to his projectedimagination and will force.

When these necessary 'materials' are other human beings,the Leo person becomes the man who has to lead and even to rule over people orsocial projects.

They areusually very attractive in a vital, dramatic way.

Third Decanate (Leo-Aries): They need to be first and are never wrong.

They arecreative and like a good time, so when things get rough they take off to a greener ormore pleasant spot.

They areworthy of your trust in them for they have great nobility of spirit and integrity.

With Aquarius-Gemini on the Descendant, the partnership will have a multitude offriends along with it, which either augments the relationship or causes frictionbecause of too much attention to friends.

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