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However, sex work is not officially recognized among the industrial or service sectors of labor.There is a large case of sex trafficking in Nepal, but voluntary sex work is more common than many believe.

After escaping from the sex trafficking world, women return to sex work when they return to Nepal, for it is the only thing they know.

The Nepalese caste system makes it very difficult for people of any class to rise up to a higher class.

There have been rare instances in which members of a specific class have risen, and even in these cases, the members only rise within their own caste (see also Nepalese caste system).

Many of these laws are sometimes interpreted to accuse sex workers as well, which comes from a lack of knowledge in the distinction between the sex trafficking scene and sex work.

Sex work is a term used to refer to all aspects of the lawful and unlawful sex industries around the world.

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