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Its different segments are (lateral to medial): the infundibulum with its associated fimbriae near the ovary, the ampullary region that represents the major portion of the lateral tube, the isthmus which is the narrower part of the tube that links to the uterus, and the interstitial (also known as intramural) part that transverses the uterine musculature.The ostium is the point where the tubal canal meets the peritoneal cavity, while the uterine opening of the Fallopian tube is the entrance into the uterine cavity, the uterotubal junction.While tubal cancers may be misdiagnosed as ovarian cancer, it is of little consequence as the treatment of both ovarian and Fallopian tube cancer is similar.The surgical removal of a Fallopian tube is called a salpingectomy. An operation that combines the removal of a Fallopian tube with removal of at least one ovary is a salpingo-oophorectomy.When an oocyte is developing in an ovary, it is encapsulated in a spherical collection of cells known as an ovarian follicle.

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Like PID and endometriosis, it may lead to Fallopian tube obstruction.

Fallopian tube obstruction is associated with infertility and ectopic pregnancy.

Interspersed between the ciliated cells are peg cells, which contain apical granules and produce the tubular fluid.

This fluid contains nutrients for spermatozoa, oocytes, and zygotes.

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