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Not really going to be a long post or anything and honestly it's not all that exciting but after experiencing sexual trauma and avoiding any kind of physical contact for months on end and beginning to wonder if ild ever have sex again (even though I DID/DO want to) I finally had sex with my new boyfriend twice in one night!

I know that's not super big news or anything but I really just wanted to share that with anybody who reads this because I'm so proud of my damn self for finally feeling sexually OKAY in my own body again and in control of my right to choose to have sex.

Not as much, mind you, as the people in Victoria or Fort Mc Murray, but certainly more than those in Ottawa and Winnipeg.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, online sex toy seller Pink released its list of Canada’s sexiest cities based on the highest per capita purchases in 2017. That may be surprising to some because the provincial capital is considered a conservative government town.

The provocative part for swingers is the thrill of the anticipation of something new. Once strangers, those who make a small effort in email and ims on the computer really do meet in person, and enjoy swingers offline!

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  1. "Yeah, like you don't look." "Like I said she's my...." I took another hit then with a shrug laughed, "Yeah alright, I've checked her out! Dude, me and the other guys were in heaven when you guys got that pool!