Samsung galaxy s2 email widget not updating

Adjusting the update and tuning of all interested parties is therefore an impossible task.

An almost similar device, the Samsung Nexus S, will get an update while it technically is hardly any different: the same processor and same amount of memory.

For those of you who haven’t yet upgraded to this latest OS, do not consider these problems as some issues you will definitely face.

These are being reported by only a minority of users and it is possible that you won’t find these bugs with your 4.4.2 update.

Factory reset also helps you improve battery life, but that would mean you would have set up your device again.This update has been rolled on many a carriers already and going to be on every SGS4 model soon.While this is the very latest Android OS update, it is not void of bugs and issues.If you’re having the same issue with your Note 3, you can solve / fix email sync problem by following the simple few steps: Check that the sync service has been activated by checking in Quick settings, by dragging down the notification bar. Your problem may have been solved by now, onwards you can use your sync option in your Galaxy Note 3 flawlessly.Samsung to the Galaxy give no update to Android 4.0 .The update, for some users, result in to a black lock screen which, when users swipe to unlock, does not show anything when the Galaxy S4 is locked but the screen is awake. Some users are reporting battery drain after the latest Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat update installation.Many users are also reporting having better battery life after Kit Kat, however, this could be specific to apps on your device too.– A plethora of Galaxy S4 users are reporting a number of Kit Kat 4.4.2 problems after installing this update.Although, 4.4.2 has brought in new features and improvements, no update can be completely perfect.Samsung guess there may be up, then people are more inclined to buy a new phone.The first generation Galaxy Tab 7-inch round spring will even be quite old. Owners of Samsung Galaxy S II and Samsung Galaxy Note in early 2012 to update, so you could read more on Android Planet.

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