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I plan for this one to last.” Following Tommy Lee’s brief introduction to Locklear, he nearly stalked her by telephone, repeatedly calling Locklear’s manager in order to try and get in touch.Lee admitted, “I had called like a million times,” admits Tommy.Locklear and Sambora lived on opposite coasts, and their long distance courtship should have been a sign of what was to come.Locklear didn’t even bother to call her husband before she filed for divorce.

Richie dismissed the reporter’s question as yet another rumor manufactured by the press.

Known for her roles on Melrose Place and Dynasty, Heather Locklear is one of the most beautiful and well known stars in Hollywood.

But fame often paints a different picture than one might think, and Heather has been no exception.

Though there had been rumors for months back in 2005, both Heather and Richie maintained that their marriage was strong.

While celebrities often present a united facade in public no matter the troubles beneath the surface, Richie was genuinely shocked when Heather blindsided him with a divorce filing. The day before she filed for divorce, she found an email from a mutual friend of the couple, which included a number of inappropriate photos.

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