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4) Hostile and/or threatening language - What words does a person use?Choice of words convey subconscious assumptions about a particular topic.They tend to permeate a person's character and be regularly displayed in many small ways -- and in other areas.These attitudes, behaviors and words are consistent among rapists and those who attack others. The reason it is impossible to predict who will and won't sexually assault someone is because how these behaviors manifest is a matter of style and preference(1).A rapist who was jailed for attacking a 14-year-old girl was filmed rapping offensively about women - and in one lyric said: 'I'll leave you dead on your mattress'.Fesal Aidarus, 19, was jailed for six years for raping the youngster in Kings Heath, Birmingham, in October 2015.

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Is getting his way more important to him than other people's welfare?A common tactic of such a person it to make you feel bad for not doing what he wants. 3) Negating behavior or comments - Closely related to 1 and 2.2) Belittling behavior or attitudes towards others - Does this person habitually make nasty, belittling or degrading comments about others – especially under the guise of joking? Does he try to tell you what you are feeling or thinking? Comments like "you don’t really mean that" are serious indicators of someone trying to negate you.Investigators later determined Paterno -- along with other PSU officials -- concealed information about Sandusky from University honchos and law enforcement.Paterno -- who famously nearly/probably crapped himself during a televised football game in 2006 -- was fired in 2011, one month after Sandusky was arrested. A person who negates others is trying to take away the other person’s thoughts, feelings and needs and attempting to project his wants onto that person.The most obvious example of this is "Well even though she said ‘no’, she really meant ‘yes’".The same goes for circumstances, he will attack in one set of circumstances, but not another.What we can accurately predict is something bad will arise out of these character traits.To this end, let’s leave the wild paranoia of ‘possible’ rape scenarios and move onto the more solid footing of ‘probable’ and 'very likely.' That you can do something about.Someone rightly said, "Dishonest people are seldom dishonest in only one aspect of their lives." In the same vein, the predilections that can, and do, lead to rape and violence are not isolated.

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