Dating guys who play video games

The same can be said for the guy who watches ESPN three hours every night, too.

Now, on the other hand, if you choose to be alone in life and if you can support yourself, then knock yourself out. I notice that the vast majority of my guy friends that are my age (20's-early 30s) are still playing video games on a regular basis.

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Well then it's their life and not yours being affected, I say let them be IMO.

As a guy in his 30s, I stopped playing video games a long time ago, but I still see men my age, even older, who are into them.

I will sometimes play them in the winter instead of watching a movie. Only time I don't have a problem with it, for adults that play them often is when it is their livelyhood. reviewers, professional gamers (rare but they do exist). In my job If I don't take regular enforced breaks/holidays, its easy to burnout and believe me that ain't much fun. Wow thank god my woman isnt as narrowminded as some of the girls on this forum. I don't neglect my fiance or my priorities (I'm a neat freak so I'm constantly cleaning my apartment, doing laundry once a week, etc.).

My husband has been playing risk on the computer lately. He's not into other gaming activities like when he was a kid. And neither of us will try that world of warcraft stuff. I hold down a steady job (knock on wood) and video games have never affected my working or personal life.

She's never knocked it nor complained about me having a Wii or Playstation.

She'll play once in a while but its just not her thing which is fine.

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