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Land Resource Research Centre, Ottawa, Ontario, Research branch, Agriculture Canada, Publication 1817. Guide to the identification of plant macro fossils in Canadian peatlands. The Miniature Angels in the Plant Kingdom: An introduction to Bryophytes. OLSON LIBRARY: Books and selected reprints List of abbreviations used: RV: reviewed; JB: Journal of Bryology; BT: Bryological times Abeywickrama, B. Genetic variation and sexual reproduction in a moss with dwarf males, Brid. Proceedings of Symposium on Distributional Patterns and Speciation of Bryophytes in the Circum-Pacific Region under the U. Olson Bryological Library was inaugurated at the University of Connecticut. In the spring of 2007, Bernard Goffinet and Juan Carlos Villarreal drove to Arlington, Virginia, to wrap all items, and load boxes into a container, which was then shipped to Storrs, Connecticut.

De Sterrengebergte Expeditie naar Nederlands Nieuw-Guinea in 1959. Published by the author; 360 Lenox road, Flatbush, New York City. Inaugural Dissertation presented to the Philosophical Faculty of the University of Leipzig. Gametophytic regeneration as exhibited by mosses, and conditions for the germination of cryptogam spores. The entire collection of books and serials is inventoried below. The Hoe library included thousands of reprints, each in an individual manilla folder filed by author’s name. Ecological and Evolutionary Processes in the Pantropical Moss Genus Doctoral Dissertation, University of Liège, Belgium. Nees Institute for Plant Biodiversity, Bonn (Germany). The 2nd International symposium on the “Evolution and Systematics of Pleurocarpous Mosses”. Taxnomie intégrative du genre (Aneuraceae, Marchantiophyta) en Afrique. We seek in particular reprints, of studies published in noon-bryological journals (i.e., in journals not eld in this library). Collected Papers (National University of Amoy) 1: 101–135 6 plates map. Every donor is acknowledged by his or her name printed on a bookplate inserted in the publication. Bernard Goffinet, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, 75 North Eagleville road, University of Connecticut, Storrs CT, 06269-3043 USA. We, bryologists at the University of Connecticut, are extremely grateful to Dr.

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