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There had been other surprises thoughat least they'd been surprises until he thought things through.Two days ago, Smith had called, inviting him back to the Service.FOURTEEN Only the most literal-minded would dispute the saying "New sun, new world." It's true, the core of the planet is surely unchanged by the New Sun, and the continental outlines are mostly the same.But the steam-storms of the first year of the sun scour back the dry wreckage of all previous surface life.Hrunkner Unnerby had done very well, so perhaps the biggest surprise was how easy it had been for Victory Smith to persuade him to accept a thirty-day enlistment."Just long enough to learn what we're up to and decide whether you'd like to come back to longer service." Hence this trip to Lands Command.

On the other hand, Victory Smith had an eye for workable results. And if Victory Smith was now the Director of Accord Intelligence, the country itself stood to win big. I'll be carrying two baby welts on my back in less than half a year." Hrunkner realized he was sucking on his eating hands in embarrassment. They drove for half a minute in silence, the hot rain hissing back across the windshields. Finally, the General said quietly, "Do you have a problem with this, Hrunkner?The green stretched for miles, interrupted here and there by the brown of avalanches or the spray of waterfalls.In this phase of the sun, the Westermost Forest was like God's own lawn and from almost every point on the Pride, the travelers could see down to the ocean. Behind them, he could see Smith's security detail appear around the last switchback.Victory Smith had the sports car up past sixty miles per hour on the straightaway, slowing to just under thirty when they entered a switchback. "Um, I never realized how exciting this ride was for passengers." "Okay, I get the message." Smith slowed, drove more cautiously than any of them might have done alone. The storm had been blown away by a hot, compressional wind, leaving the concrete surface dry and clear. Their mountain route scraped just under ragged, fast-moving clouds, and the lands to the south were dark with the haze of rain.From his perch in the back, Hrunkner Unnerby had heart-stopping views of each new precipice. Except for that terrorized embrace, he was sure the last turn would have flung him out the side of the auto. The view was about as open as it ever got along Pride of Accord.Today, when she showed up at his shop in Princeton, he'd half expected the discreet securitybut Sherkaner Underhill's presence had been totally unexpected.Not so surprising was the pleasure he'd felt in seeing the two again.Now they were scrambling, and Hrunkner wouldn't blame them if they were steamed.Unfortunately, their commanding officer was about the only person they could complain to, and that was Victory Smith.Forests and jungles, prairies and swamps, all must start again.Of Spiderkind's surface works, only stone buildings in protected valleys may survive.

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