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“As the fan industry is basically labour intensive, we have chosen to be a technology-oriented company, providing added value in a bid to realize long-term development,” says Zhai Ruihu, deputy chief engineer and design director at Shenyang Blower.Zhai has worked with Shenyang Blower Works Group for more than 10 years and has witnessed its rapid development.Its products were also recently ISO 9008 certified.Cooperation with universitiesplays an important role in the company’s forward-looking research.Founded in 2001, Shenyang Blower was formerly an affiliate of Shenyang Blower Factory, which has a history dating back more than 60 years.When the factory was transformed and restructured, becoming Shenyang Blower Works Group, Shenyang Blower became a wholly owned subsidiary of the Group.As a large state-owned enterprise, the Group is China’s leading manufacturer of blowers, compressors and pumps, offering cutting-edge design and production technology.Technological innovation is at the core of the rapid development of Shenyang Blower Ventilation Co. and its efforts in terms of saving energy and reducing emissions.

Due to the nation’s macro controls (e.g., limitations on the approval of some new power station projects), sales to the domestic market dropped slightly in 2009.

By using the fan, the steel mill could realize significant energy savings by optimizing the operating efficiency of the fan, thanks to its speed-adjustment ability.

This also put an end to China’s dependence on importing this type of fan.

“For the customer, this new design removes the cost of purchasing a desulphurization booster fan and saves maintenance costs as well as floor space.

“We made severaltechnological breakthroughs during the development process,” she continues.

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