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Thus, it is not recommended unless you’re an advanced user.– Note: A number of people have difficulty installing Manjaro on these Macs.

Thus, Manjaro is not recommended unless you’re an advanced user.…alternately, I do have a game I created a couple years ago on Steam called Alarameth TD (linux-specific notes are in the forum).To be clear, this applies to If you’ve got an earlier Mac which is a Core Duo (not a Core2Duo), it can’t run 64-bit anyway.If you’re on a later Mac, you’ve probably got a 64-bit EFI so most 64-bit Linux distros should install and run. Note that the Mac Book Air 1,1 doesn’t have a DVD drive which makes things more complicated.At the time, I was having trouble getting the latest 64-bit Linux distro DVDs to boot.Eventually I came across which actually did boot and install.But if forced to use USB or intent on going the EFI32 route, here are a few places I’d start: If something above worked (or didn’t work) well for you, leaving a comment below might help the next person out.Also helpful for letting me know if the server I rented to host the ISO’s on went down, or if you’re not comfortable compiling an image yourself and need a specific ISO provided.(FYI: This page covers 2006-2008 Mac Mini models with socketed CPUs.(CPUs in 2009 and later Mac Mini models are soldered to the motherboard.) Sponsor OWC has Mac mini upgrades (ram, drives, etc.) and take-apart guide videos for 2006-2008 Minis and later models.Keep in mind that while it only takes a couple minutes to do, the cost of server diskspace and bandwidth is a factor for me here – I can’t offer every version of every distro out there.Update: Note that Lubuntu tends to be one of the snappiest installs if you don’t mind the LXDE interface.

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