Carbon dating proven wrong

We will have some interesting new products, here are a few.: Carbon throwing stick, Trebuchet Light Rod, Ultra Slim light "ST"carp rods in 2 1/2 to 3 lb test curve. They will be offered with an option of cork handles, and the 12' 2 1/2 is a very slender 11.6 mm just above the handle. In a carp fishing world which often tends to focus on distance casting, it is easy to forget that a lot of fish are caught at 100yds or less.

And it is a fact that although you may feel you have more control of a hard fighting fish and are applying more pull when you use a stiff rod, a lighter more flexible rod can sometimes beat the stiff rod in fish playing power, as well as having more elasticity to cope with sudden changes in direction.

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I am sure there will be quite a few new rods there but as far as I know we are the only company exhibiting new rods made in the UK. Tis, or to give him his proper name Andrew Thistlewood, who is my right hand man here, has a strong opinion that the Torrix 12' 2 1/2 Torrix blank is not only one of the best blanks we make but also the most underrated.The reason for this being that the lighter rod can bend in to a shorter leaver than the same length stiff rod.Just as Tis was again telling me how great the Torrix 12' 2 1/2 is, I received an email from one of our German customers, Mario Winnekes who has just received a set of these very rods.First bite first time out he has bagged himself a 36kg fish which I picture below.Proving my point that you do not need a stiff rod to land big fish.Friday 23rd September 2011 A little further away, from us here in Liverpool at least.I have a new addition to our list of a rod builder in New Zealand, Paul Thomas, based in Christchurch, who is also authorised to carry out repair work for many major brands.You do not need to be a tournament caster on a field to exploit the power of this new rod. The throwing stick is something we have been working on for a while, made from 100% woven carbon it is ultra light and and tough. Thursday 13th October 2011 egarding rod rings or line guides.We use a lot of Kigan rod rings and I have tried to explain why we choose this brand, why we think they are so good.And of course the lighter rod will always be a joy to use.We all get a bit obsessed with distance at times, but at the end of the day, as long as you can reach the fish, the game is to turn runs into banked fish, and get as much pleasure as possible doing it.

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