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Heedragon (Sohee and G-Dragon) couple, by that time, has attracted a lot of fans with their charming stage.

Even more, there are some evidences found by fan that prove Heedragon (Sohee and G-Dragon) were dating.

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I’ve decided to create a new story where I publish all my girl group x readers and one shots.he's even appeared wearing the same things as her more than twice. I agree, I mean I'm curious to know who it is but I don't want them to be caught in a scandal. but i don't believe they're going to ever confirm it since it'll stir up drama revolving around seulgi's reputation, and i don't want that- i feel that if any idols are dating at all, it'll be better secret where they can remain happy with one another in peace. Even though Jimin is my bias, the girl always seem to be the one who receives the most hate from the fans and neitezens it's always the girl. Hope you enjoy – Hayley 1 Tags afterschool hani hyoyeon nana sistar snsd sunmi taeyeon wondergirls orangecaramel dalshabet bora subin crack girlsgeneration girlxgirl soyou girlgroups exid femslash dia gxg wendy irene ioi redvelvet mamamoo hwasa cathy chungha wlw chunghaxsunmi soyouxhani Tags angst apink bigbang boyxboy christmas comedy fantasy fluff friendship ftisland fxband infinite mystery romance shinee sohee ss501 wondergirls writing myname writingcontest exo boyxgirl bap hetero santa vixx secretsanta bts gifts seventeen redvelvet nct As the title suggests, this is a multi-fandom, all-inclusive Secret Santa for AFF writers.Authors here give and give and have very little in return, and as such, a Secret Santa is a great way to not only give a small gift but get one in return!In her earlier appearances, Cassie was a plucky daredevil heroine who deeply admired Donna Troy.As she grew older and suffered one tragedy after another, Cassie gradually lost her confidence and her relationship with her teammates became strained.ENTRIES CLOSED : GIFTS BEING WRITTEN This is my first Beenzino Yubin canon fanfic written in Yubin's point of view.Obviously this fic is inspired by their recent new-found 'friendship'.Netizens who watched his live streams have compiled a long list of the rumors he gave in an online community post.Whether there's any merit to the rumors or not, comments have been pouring in.

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