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Lily definitely hit the jackpot on this one — and I'm not talking about cash cause homegirl is expensive! Anyone who's dating Michael Phelps is a GOLD DIGGER for sure!!!!!!While interviews with former friends of Bryanboy were quoted in the Rogue article, other blogsites became the venue for the defense of Bryanboy.As people waited if Bryanboy was going to file a lawsuit against the magazine, nothing was heard from his camp.Virginia mall Tysons Galleria has decided to enlist early blogging success story Bryanboy to help celebrate their 25th anniversary.Bryanboy will be on the premises from 2 to 5pm on Saturday, October 19th for an hour-long trend presentation and an hour-long meet and greet (maybe he'll spend the third hour shopping)? So when Bryanboy tweeted, "Sometimes I feel like there's a sex and dating column person' trapped inside me," we thought: We'll untrap you! We talk on the phone every day, Skype regularly, and try to see each other as much as possible. How do I tell him that as much as I'd like to live with him, a dude's pad just isn't for me? Moving in together means changes for everyone involved. Well, guess what: He's scared of drowning in your sea of shoes. Why on earth are men so fascinated by women's hair?

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As to how he was able to afford high-end bags and clothes remains questionable.How true is the story that Bryanboy (Bryan Yambao) is wanted in the U. Over the past weeks, Bryanboy has been spending time in Europe, which has fueled speculations of the said story. His victims of the alleged fraud even include high profile celebrities, such as Hollywood actresses. Just lay your cards on the table, and go from there. It's really important to express your emotions when you feel like it.The 31-year-old, who has nearly 355,000 followers on Twitter, has been labelled 'appalling', 'disgusting', and 'irresponsible,' and accused of sending a pro-anorexia message to his impressionable audience.Two days ago, four weeks before New York Fashion Week starts, he wrote: 'Mark your calendars kids!Oh, and a Q&A with seasoned fashion critic Robin Givhan.From this listing on the mall's site, it's made clear that the event is also free to the public (first come first serve) but that ticket holders will receive priority seating.The luxury shopping center is selling tickets to the event on Gilt City, and the cost for getting up close with Bryanboy is going for .To be fair, that cost also includes a gift bag, valet parking, refreshments and a chance at a 0 Galleria gift card (that last one is only if you're a Club Member).

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