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Justin Kirchner and Linda Sammeli both arrived at the Eagles Club to take part in the speed dating.Although not together, they both responded the same way when asked why they came.Each day includes a reading program, special activities like swimming and field trips (depending on the camp), and age- appropriate, camper-centered group activities, all in a safe environment.

“If this doesn’t work out, we’ll think of something else to try to get people in the doors.” After several minutes of waiting, a small group of women began to trickle into the building.“It’s a start,” Rung said.

Non-members who are interested in attending are welcome to attend two YPN meetings to "give it a try" and should contact Since it's creation in 2005, Nickel Brook has been one of the leading players in the Ontario Craft Beer movement.

John and his team our brewers combine premium ingredients, DIY creativity and a depth of technical expertise to create world-class, award-winning beers like Cause & Effect Blonde, Naughty Neighbour APA and Head Stock IPA.

We put in tons of time and effort to make sure your chances for a real connection are optimised.

We make sure there’s an equal number of men and women – or very close to it.

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