Radioactive dating practice worksheet

This booklet includes activities that children can do to find out more about plants, focusing on ways that children can grow their own plants.Several of the activities are set out as investigations, to support children developing their approach to investigations in a scientific way.Pupils use and develop their investigative skills in analysing and evaluating data and evidence and their creativity and problem solving when interpreting evidence, asking questions such as Why? The number of protons, neutrons and electrons in an atom can be changed in this interactive activity, which displays the atomic number, mass number and ionic charge.Atoms can also be selected from the periodic table.Ask pupils to propose 'yes/no' questions that will sort a number of minibeasts using a tree diagram.

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The activities presented here are suitable for pupils in age range 5 to 11, but should be adapted to suit the age and ability of the pupils.

Understanding the rock properties of a reservoir from direct measurement on representative rock samples is paramount in reservoir characterization.

Whole coring, which involves drilling into the formation with a hollow-section drill pipe (a core barrel and bit) to cut and retrieve the rock samples, provides with long continuous rock samples that give not only analytical information (like porosity and permeability), but also geological information.

Well animated student activities that would work very well in interactive white boards. The pack has worksheets and suggested activities for KS3 and 4.

Set of handouts and activities on a number of Primary topics: Light; Moving & Growing; Variation; Magnets & Springs; Earth, Sun & Moon; States; Materials; Teeth; Healthy Eating; Food Chains; Minibeasts; Life Cycles; Habitats.

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