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I don’t know about you but I want to be a Number 1 lover.I want the people I have sex with to have just as good a time as me, I want them to be thinking that they just had some of the best sex of their life. Sex with men who didn’t ask me what I want or what I like and who make the most cursory (if any) efforts to please me, men who I were solely focused on their own climax. (If I had a penny…)If this is the kind of sex you’re having then you’re a shite lover. Do you really want to be ‘that’ guy when all it would take to be a great lover would be better communication and to give a shit about the experience your lover is having?Is there really any excuse good enough to warrant it, anyway?Then there’s the matter of what actually is the worst form of cheating?Having only one FWB was important to 67 percent of singles and 62 percent think it’s important for the relationship to be kept on the down-low.Of course, the survey just offers a small glimpse at what real singles think about sex and dating. A lot of research has been done into why people cheat.

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How long can you take bad sex before it becomes a problem?

Is emotional cheating worse than sleeping with someone else? Well, new research into why one partner cheats on another has just come to light. Apparently, couples who have a good sex life are actually more likely to find themselves at the centre of infidelity.

Yep, the more time you spend having mind-blowing orgasms the more likely you are to want them more often.

Keep up with this story and more What does it take to have good sex?

According to the survey results, a good time entails caring, enthusiasm, good communication, skilled kissing and an orgasm.

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