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offers Hotel Packages for the Final League in Kiev, get yours now!Are you ready to book hotels for Champions League Final? we also get your reservations for FIFA WORLD CUP, SUPER BOWL and OLYMPICS HOTELS! Champions Finals Hotels.com, Visit our Facebook page for news and updates @Champions Finals Hotels Book Hotel Packages for Champions League Final The 2018 Champions League final, will be hosted at Kiev's Olympic Stadium, The 70,000-capacity stadium, which alreadymhosted the final of the 2012 European Championship. The stadium which is no stranger to big games, was a venue in 1980 olympics and Euro 2012, this time to host the 2018 Champions League Final in this ocassion is the Kyiv's NSK Olimpiyskyi, the game will be held on May 26th 2018, The decision was taken at Thursday's UEFA Executive Committee meeting in Athens. Factfile: NSK Olimpiyskyi UEFA capacity: 68,000Tenants: Dynamo Kyiv (big matches), Ukraine Opened: August 1923 (reconstructed 1941, 1968, 1980, 1999, 2011) • Built on the site of the 1913 All-Russian Exhibition in order to host the Second All-Ukrainian Spartakiad (or Games), the ground was opened as the Trotsky Red Stadium on 12 August 1923.• The AOCS (Attitude & Orbit Control Subsystem) is based on a zero-momentum design, attitude is sensed by Earth sensors, star trackers, IRU (Inertial Reference Unit), and a GPS receiver.Actuation is provided by a RWA (Reaction Wheel Assembly) and by MTQ (Magnetic Torquers).The 2017/18 Champions League kicks off on 30 June 2017 and comes to a conclusion when the final takes place at the National Stadium of Wales in Cardiff on june 3rd 2018.

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Figure 1: Overview of organizations and function allocation in the GOSAT project (image credit: JAXA) Figure 2: Artist's rendition of the deployed GOSAT spacecraft in orbit (image credit: JAXA) The spacecraft bus is three-axis stabilized with a structure size of 2.0 m (length) x 1.8 m width) x 3.7 m height).

The structure consists of the mission module in which the mission sensors (payload) are loaded and the bus module containing the bus components.

The solar array paddles are folded and attached at the side panels of the satellite by the hold and deploy mechanisms during the launch phase.

The two paddle wings are deployed by the ordnance controller.

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