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Powerful APIs are included to support splitting of in-process live streams into multiple on-demand MP4 (Quick Time container) files or FLV (Flash Video container) files, with the split points based on video duration, clock time, or file size.Nothing in this information (including the listing of a person or organisation or links to other web sites) should be taken as an endorsement of a particular product or service.Please note that third party views or recommendations included in this information do not reflect the views of the Commonwealth, or indicate its commitment to a particular course of action.Update your profile preferences If you no longer wish to receive this information, you can unsubscribe. Live Stream Record, formerly a free Add On, is incorporated into Wowza Media Server 3.5 as an API that gives you more control over recording live video streams to on-demand files.Others have threatened to post the footage to porn sites or You Tube.What you may believe to be a highly intimate and private moment may in fact be watched by a room full of strangers.Live Stream Record functionality in Wowza Media Server is enabled by an HTTP Provider (HTTPLive Stream Record) that's configured on a per-port basis in the [install-dir]/conf/file.The default HTTP Provider configuration in for Live Stream Record is: The Authentication Method property specifies the authentication method that's used to control access to this HTTP Provider.The default value (admin-digest) specifies that Digest authentication (a challenge/response system to authenticate users--credentials are never sent in cleartext) is used to control access to the HTTP Provider and is recommended if you access the Live Stream Record web-based user interface from a remote computer.To use this authentication method, you must specify a user name and password for Digest authentication in the [install-dir]/conf/admin.password file.

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