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It took two weeks for a response and then it was Autobot that it was binding agreement. When you have a chance allow me to examine not only your account as to your matching fundamentals but write to me as to your subscription details. The only thing e Harmony is committed to is ensuring your 'automatic renewal' of subscription fees is active.

A second attempt gave me a response from a human (it seemed) but same answer and even more rudely than the robot. Please reach out to me at [email protected] one year all my matches were at least 200 miles away or scam. They have no commitment to customer service or legitimate business practices.

Then I received another more rude email from a auto bot. Please reach out to me at [email protected] is not cheap (about 0/year) but promises to be one of the best at helping you find matches with the potential to lead to lifelong love.

They refused to give me my money back and refused to stop the next following payments. What makes me the most angry is to see the auto bot stupid responses e Harmony is making to all of these complaints acting as if they are helpful and genuine. This was not my experience, but that's not what this review is about.

After I sent my first email I received a refund of .80, which covered four months of membership. Although the matches they sent me were less than inviting, I was willing to plug along for the remainder of the year and see what happened.

I sent a second email informing e Harmony that I had still not received an answer or explanation about what had happened, nor had I received an adequate refund to cover the entire nine months' worth of membership that had been taken from me. Having my account closed suddenly and without explanation is a horrible, untrustworthy way to do business.

Even the way the website was laid out seemed cheap and dated. Within your account settings parameters, you do have a number of options as to distance.

I contacted them and was responded to with an auto bot. I would like to help and at the same time review your original subscription.

They refused to answer my emails and phone messages in regards to it.

After multiple emails back and forth they finally agreed to refund the last charge which occurred in November 2017 for 9.70 and while I am grateful, I am still not satisfied for their part in manipulating this consumer. I wonder if Neil Clark Warren would approve of such a deplorable crime of charging honest, consumers AFTER their accounts have been shut off, deleted and unsubscribed? To add insult to injury, I reunited with my EX husband and remarried him and now to find out this. This is not the first time you have heard this complaint. When I decided to set my matches search range to 30 miles and very important, they act like we restricting them for find matches for me. If select somewhat important they will send people who's all over the US to your what if. Why I need to be in a long distance relationship with someone in a different state. Antoine, I’d like to look over your account parameters to see how I can help.

Dissatisfied, I called their 844-544-3176 # and was finally able to speak with a "manager". Interestingly enough, when I asked "the manager" how much a current e Harmony subscription costs he stated between -200 depending on the promotion running. You've been charging 0 a year from account for 2 years! I feel ashamed, embarrassed and manipulated by e Harmony. Good and honest people choose your site for your reputation but when you take advantage of consumers when you know their accounts are inactive, and their profiles have been deleted then there is absolutely no reason other than consumer fraud for continuing to take advantage of them. As to matches members are only matches with compatible members that have an actual account with our services.

If e Harmony can't be bothered to communicate fairly and responsibly with its paying members, then it is not a service I would ever recommend to anyone.

I lost and have been made to look bad to my matches by a company that thinks so little of its paying members that it can't even bother to answer an email or communicate. Mary, while there are varying reasons as to account closure I honestly can’t say what occurred as to your account however I would very much like the opportunity to go over your account details.

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