Dating a closeted man

Sid Vicious: Supposedly out bisexual, but once again looks like a bad rumor. Joan Armatrading: Either lesbian or bisexual, possibly true. It is a truism with bisexuals that most lean one way or another. Stone Gossard (Pearl Jam): Widely rumored to be a closeted bisexual. Michael Hutchinson (Xtasy): Straight but said to have experimented with men. Paul Stanley (KISS): Married, two kids, but apparently bisexual.

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He was handsome, charming, and we had a lot of the same interests. Steve Tyler (Aerosmith): Rumored bisexual, false rumor. Luther Vandross: Long known to be gay in the Black community and of course with his band-mates. Little Richard: Often thought to be gay and frequently calls himself gay, but actually probably bisexual. Latest album was shelved by his record company because they were upset by all the gay references. LL Cool J: Lil Kim’s boyfriend says he’s on the downlow. Loon: There is said to be an underground sex tape of him having anal sex with another rap star, Sean Combs. Marilyn Manson: Reportedly out bisexual, however evidence is lacking. It might seem hard to believe that any of them are, but there have long been rumors about a number of them. I figure that for every one gay man, there are ~9 men with a bisexual orientation of one type or another various types and varieties. Unfortunately, bisexuality is very common, and I would say that after 40 years of observing males from even the point of view of a straight male that male bisexual behavior is much more common than nearly any straight person realizes. Justin Timberlake (‘N Sync): Rumored to be bisexual. Linda Ronstadt: Lesbian or bisexual, apparently true. I’m a bit surprised at men’s openness to interracial dating.

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