Ben savage and danielle fishel dating 2016

"For those of us still religiously watching reruns of "Boy Meets World," great news: TVLine reports that the Disney Channel is considering a sequel series, "Girl Meets World," that would focus on the adolescent daughter of Ben Savage's Cory Matthews and Danielle Fishel's Topanga Lawrence.Word has it Disney is also trying to get Matthews and Fishel to return to portraying Cory and Topanga, and Fishel raised our hopes by tweeting November 3, "Just want you guys to know that @Ben Savage and I have talked and we've decided ... "Ben Savage played the mischievous Cory Matthews from 1993-2000, going from sixth-grader to college student and newlywed.Former “Boy Meets World” co-stars Danielle Fishel and Ben Savage recently reunited to film the “Girl Meets World” pilot after a 13–year break and Danielle says it was instantly like old times between the pair.

Daniels moved on from following Cory throughout his educational career to landing roles on "Touched by an Angel," "The Closer" and "The King of Queens." Most recently, 85-year-old Daniels appeared on the ninth season of "Grey's Anatomy" as Dr. It's unknown if Cory's best friend, Shawn Hunter, would be in consideration for a potential new series, but we sure hope so. has moved behind the camera as of late, having written and directed projects along with his brother, Shiloh, such as 2008's "Irish Twins."Will Friedle played Cory Matthews' lovably dense older brother, Eric, for seven years.That following October, Fishel married Tim Belusko, whom she met while in school.Will Friedle played Cory Matthews' older brother, Eric.Danielle Fishel came to fame playing '90s dream girl Topanga Lawrence.Fishel tried her hand at film with movies like "National Lampoon Presents Dorm Daze" after the series ended, but she's now set to play the married-with-kids version of Topanga on 2014's "Girl Meets World." The 32-year-old also made it a point to go back to school, and she graduated from college in December 2012.He's most recently appeared on the CBS new series "Vegas." Danielle Fishel came to fame playing '90s dream girl Topanga Lawrence, who went from aggravating know-it-all to Cory Matthews' sweetheart and, at series end, his wife.Fishel tried her hand at film with "National Lampoon Presents Dorm Daze" after the series ended, but has moved away from acting in recent years.The 32-year-old actor has landed big screen roles after "Boy Meets World" in movies such as 2002's "The Hot Chick" and 2007's "The Comebacks." Rider Strong's Shawn Hunter was a heartthrob, but to Trina Mc Gee's credit, fans also rooted for her character Angela's relationship with the resident bad boy of "Boy Meets World." The 43-year-old mother of three continued acting on the big-screen with an appearance in 2002's "Friday After Next" and on the small screen with an appearance in 2007 on the comedy,"All of Us." Longtime fans remember the nerdy Minkus well, but the character didn't last long on the series.Lee Norris, however, has had a healthy TV career; the 31-year-old has starred on "One Tree Hill" as Marvin "Mouth" Mc Fadden.The now 33-year-old has continued to act in movies, such as 2007's "Palo Alto, CA," and on TV with appearances in shows like "Without a Trace," "Bones," "Chuck" and "Shake It Up!" In 2014, he'll reprise his fan favorite role of Cory Matthews.

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