Deciphering online dating profiles

Social media: A study by the University of Missouri discovered, with assistance from the Huffington Post, that the more someone uses Twitter while in a relationship, the more marital hardships they will experience.

These hardships often lead to cheating and ultimately divorce.

You see an innocent dating profile, I see red flags that should make you run in the opposite direction. Name: Michael Stevenson Age: 43 Looking for: Dating Religion: Christian About Me: I’ll keep this short and sweet.

Large genitals: The bigger the balls, the bigger the risk!

Scientists over at the University of Oslo found that primates with bigger testicles were more likely to roam elsewhere for some hanky panky.

Hair colour: Evidently blondes do have more fun — outside of their marriage, that is.

A survey by social media website Cheaterville, a forum to publicly roast your cheating ex, found that 42 per cent of their recorded cheaters possessed blonde locks.

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