Impression management online dating

But then just hours later we are online and we can see that the person we just met is online too. they couldn’t have been all that interested if they are already back on-line. Often we keep going back online because we are discouraged by the process and even with a good date we don’t hold out high hopes.

No matter what the reason there is an instant negative feeling generated. We may go online out of habit or because we are bored or just curious to read an incoming message.

A second process is based on understanding accuracy.

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Welcome to the latest blog in my series exploring how people portray themselves online (social networks, public forums, online games and dating profiles etc).

Context plays a role in impression management, for example users are more likely to create a professional impression of themselves through a carefully crafted profile on Linked In while they create a more personal impression of themselves on Facebook or Twitter.

Computer Mediated Communication (CMC) is a research area of significant interest and has attracted research since the early 1980s (Keisler, Siegel, & Mc Guire, 1984).

Computer Mediated Communication (CMC) has given individuals a communication medium allowing them to restrict the transmission of certain cues and thus change how they are perceived.

This can be used for social or commercial objectives.

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