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An overview of the paper is available here, but in a nutshell, researchers from the University of Essex and the University of Vienna have been studying the social connections between us all, and have revealed how so many of us meeting (and mating with!

) complete strangers through online dating is having the effect of broadening out our whole society.

The sliding stigma scale Many types of bodily wage labor used to be socially stigmatized.

Wealthy elites have always preferred genteel amateurism.

But the fact that passion was being expressed publicly with the body — particularly the female body — made singers, dancers and actors nonrespectable in polite society until very recently.

, one of the nation’s most gifted and dedicated politicians, was hounded into resignation by a Puritanism and mean-spiritedness that are quintessentially American.

My European colleagues (I write from an academic conference in , prostitution is legal and regulated by public health authorities.

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