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After the service some refreshments will be served.

Thank you to the sisters of the church, the Bonsai group, family and friends for helping with this, in whatever way. Uncle Lammie Fourie, thank you for those last moments that you were at Pa Louis’ side.

If I look at all the Bonsai friends he had it was indeed the case – those small trees were pruned even smaller, but led to great and sincere friendships.

When I started dating his oldest daughter, Zonia, everyone warned me off Louis.

He excelled in everything he endeavoured and his passing leaves a great void.The , a name also courtesy of his talent with Bonsai.This nickname does, however, not only stay with Bonsai. The energy and enthusiasm he exerted with everything he did was, for me, and I am sure for many of you, an inspiration.The web address is on the cards that are available at the tea.We thank Martins Funeral Services for their sympathetic way of helping us through this process.His death was a great shock to us and we want to thank everyone that assisted us with advice and support.I doubt whether we as a family would have remained standing without all the help, doesn’t matter in what form.The lovely flowers being delivered at the house helped to give a bit of colour to the past couple of dark days. We will still thank everyone individually, because there are too many to mention here.I want to mention that we started a page on the internet where you can leave messages for the family, or share thoughts and memories of Pa Louis.On behalf of the Nel family I want to start by thanking a few people. We know that there are also those that could not be here, and we want to thank everyone for the e-mails, sms’s, phone calls and visits of the past week.Firstly I want to thank Ma René for trusting me to perform this task and also to deliver a short tribute to Pa Louis. We received numerous e-mails from across the world from “Bonsai buddies” of Pa Louis.

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