Ballbusting online chatbot validating definition

Chumen Wenwen a company founded in 2012 by a former Google employee has built a very sophisticated bot that running on We Chat and in other spaces.

The company has combined voice recognition, AI and the We Chat platform into a package that queries information for its users.

Since the launch of the application in 2009, We Chat has conquered hearts of many users who demonstrate an unwavering loyalty to it.

Moving bots aside for a moment, We Chat is a highly successful social media platform in its own right.

In general, there is a lack of trust towards locally made products, due to the numerous product safety scandals in the last few years.

This has created a tendency for Chinese consumers to elicit the opinions of other consumers and even bombard the brand themselves with questions, before they make a purchase online or in-store.

The main users of the subscription accounts are content publishers.But — and this is a big but, older doesn’t mean better, it means we have a library of mistakes we should not repeat.Before we deal with those heavy questions, let’s start with the why.There are some VC funded chatbots managed by the companies that don’t even have websites — at the same time, their business is booming and their valuations are skyrocketing.There are two types of official account chatbots: subscription accounts and service accounts.The sheer number of consumers and their zest for questioning is what created the need for chatbots in China before they ever came into the minds of Facebook and others.We Chat gladly embraced these desires by launching their platform.Subscribers of these accounts automatically receive a list of the recently published articles. Users tap on an article and view it in an embedded We Chat browser.These accounts are great for people who want to keep track of a brand or some other type of influencer on We Chat.Through A/B testing their marketers can identify ways how to effectively structure it and in which format to craft it.Customer service for the brands and companies registered on We Chat use service accounts to interact with their clients on the application.

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  1. Many businesses rely on Internet-based programs, such as Skype, Google Hangouts, oo Voo and Web Ex, which offer either free or fee-based subscriptions for some of their teleconferencing and videoconferencing services (see Resources).