Temporary injunction for protection against dating violence

You must return to the Clerk's Office to pick up this copy. The Clerk will forward the paperwork to the Sheriff of the County where the Respondent resides or can be located.The Sheriff will serve the Respondent as soon as possible.For further information please contact our office at (352)540-6336 or visit us in Room 246.Aside from an injunction for protection against domestic violence, there are three other types of injunctions available in Florida: 1. You may file for an injunction against repeat violence against anyone who has committed at least two acts of violence or stalking against you or a member of your immediate family (your child, your parents, or a sister or brother) and one of those two acts of violence has occurred within the last six months. Dating violence does not include violence in a casual acquaintanceship or violence between individuals who have only socialized in a business or social context. To be eligible to file a petition for an injunction against sexual violence, you must have reported the incident of violence to the police or other law enforcement agency and be cooperating in any criminal proceeding against the abuser if criminal charges are brought against him/her.The filing process will be similar to the process described in Steps for getting an injunction for protection against domestic violence. There is no fee to file for the injunction and if you request it, you can be notified within 12 hours of when the sheriff or other law enforcement officer serves the injunction upon the respondent.** * Fla. You may file for an injunction against dating violence if you have been abused or reasonably believe you are in immediate danger of becoming the victim of abuse by someone you have or had a continuing and significant relationship of a romantic or intimate nature within the past six months. You may file for an injunction against sexual violence if you are a victim of sexual violence, as it is defined in the Florida statutes.

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If the Sheriff's Office is unable to serve a copy on the Respondent prior to the hearing date, you still must attend the hearing.An injunction – also known as a restraining order is, essentially, a court order that prohibits one person from taking certain actions.In the context of divorce and domestic violence, the court can issue orders that prohibit the abusing spouse from taking certain actions against the other ex-spouse or others.A parent or legal guardian may obtain an Injunction for Protection Against Dating Violence on behalf of a minor child who is living at home if they have been an eyewitness to, or have direct physical evidence or eyewitness affidavits about the facts which are the basis for the petition.An Injunction for Protection Against Sexual Violence may be issued if you are the victim of sexual violence or the parent or guardian of a minor who is living at home and is the victim of sexual violence.An Injunction for Protection Against Dating Violence may be issued against an individual whom you have or have had a romantic or intimate continuing or significant relationship.This relationship must have existed in the past six (6) months, must have existed over time on a continuous basis and must be described as an expectation of affection or sexual relation.If you believe your computer is not secure, please consider using a computer your abuser does not have access to.An injunction is a court order signed by a judge that can be served and or enforced by law enforcement.If you are unsure if your situation would qualify, the law enforcement agency to which you report the incident of violence may help you understand whether an act of sexual violence, as defined in the law, has been committed or you can talk to a lawyer for legal advice.You also may file any of these petitions on behalf of any minor child (under 18) who is living at home and who is the victim of the violence for which protection is sought.* The clerk of the circuit court will provide you with forms and instructions for filing any of these petitions.

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