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Though the show enjoyed much bigger success in Canada, the show was originally made for the American market under the distribution of 20th Television and aired on many Fox affiliated stations for one year. It has been called "an imitation of Saved by the Bell" by critics, Cody Anthony Miller (Jamie Elman), the protagonist of the show, was the cartoonist for the high school newspaper publication of the same name as the show, which rivaled the official school paper led by Victor Kane (Miklos Perlus).

In the first season, Cody had an ongoing rivalry with Victor, the weaselly editor of the Student Voice, but they became friends after the staff of the "Student Voice" joined "Student Bodies".

Gotta start that book on how to catch an athlete without getting pregnant!! Personally, I think it is too much and it seems to get worse by the day. You can tel she's got her knees bent to make her ass look better.

For example, look at our favorite, Danny's Girl, with her new best friend (who by the way has 24 million followers).With the help of an investigator friend Hailey starts snooping in to the app as she begins to suspect it may be a link to several missing people and if her fears are correct her friend may be in danger as she has been used the app.It pains me to say it but "Hailey Dean Mystery: Dating is Murder" didn't really grab me in the same way that other mystery movies from Hallmark Movies & Mysteries have and I am wondering whether with the character of Hailey Dean being a former attorney doesn't have that same naive charm which other characters have.While a live-action series, animations are used throughout as thoughts and imaginations.The segments are comical, bizarre and sometimes dark.I am sure he privately has a good laugh at the thought. ), did you see the way she turned around and batted her eyes at her daddy? And I'm thinking she gets her flirting skills from her dad.If she thinks for a nanosecond he is monogamous for weeks on end than she is an idiot. He's definately not going without, but I seriously doubt he's giving her a second thought when he's having this time with Lily. JE has a lot riding inn this comeback, so he will probably nge more focused than ever.Looks like TG had to pay for her own beach trip this time! She went to Brazil for 3/4 weeks, came back and was whining. That's another reason why I think there won't be anything more than any occasional hook up with her, if that.The audience regularly saw his thoughts on the show's current situation in the form of his cartoons, a technique that has been used on other shows such as Lizzie Mc Guire.His cartoons were also often used as scene and location transitions, as a continuation of the current live scene, and in the opening and closing sequences.

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