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I am interested in a hair shampoo that does not contain either sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) or methylisothiazolinone (MI).

I have recently read that these ingredients can cause skin problems. MI (methylisothiazolinone) and its near relation MCI (methylchloroisothiazolinone) are preservatives that have recently triggered what dermatologists have called an epidemic of facial eczema in facial products.

Their Intensive Repair Shampoo is an Award Winner in the Shampoo category of our new book, The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible.

They have an extensive range of well-priced products on their website,

Finally, we would draw your attention to a niche brand of more natural hair care called Ogario, which is currently winning awards (from Beauty Bible and others).'For as long as people have been launching rockets into space, mission designers have had to work within certain limitations – a spacecraft can only be so heavy and it has to fit within a certain width,” Creech said.Carl Dranoff is tweaking his proposal for a condo and hotel tower at the corner of Broad and Spruce Streets to include fewer guest rooms and more dwelling units after receiving just a small fraction of the state grant money he requested for the project. That plan differs from a 152-hotel-room, 90-residential-unit project outlined for the site in a permit awarded by the agency in January 2015.We’ve been active in the field of ventilation and dust extraction for more than 25 years.In the beginning we operated as a collective of independent companies, including Socomar in Belgium, TPI Holland and SLS in the Netherlands, Yotuyo in France and PNTS in Lithuania.In two versions, Revive and Shine, and Hydrate and Shine, the Duo Gift Packs both cost £33 for shampoo and conditioner (each 250ml) and £59.50 with the Masque. It can be massaged into skin at night (great on upper arms and chest, so you can really experience the seriously relaxing power of the vetiver, chamomile and ylang-ylang, and the way it stops the mind racing). 'Our teams have dedicated themselves to ensuring that the Space Launch System (SLS) – the largest ever - will be built safely, affordably and on time,' said Virginia Barnes, Boeing SLS vice president and program manager.The changes to the tower’s makeup mark the second time in recent months that Dranoff has adjusted plans for a South Broad Street project.In August, the developer released plans to build a 28-story condo tower at Broad and Pine Streets, rather than a previously proposal for a 22-story mix of apartments and hotel rooms under SBE’s Hyde brand.The collection is very simple: one shampoo CLEAN, one conditioner CONDITION, plus two scalp treatments, CONNECT and RE-CONNECT.These last two have had significant effects on people with thinning hair or other scalp problems.

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